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QMS Lead Auditor - CQI / IRCA Certified

EEng. Zainab Al-Azzawi is a highly qualified Iraqi consultant, QMS professional with extensive experience in auditing and consulting, possessing certifications as an Internal QMS Auditor (ISO 9001:2015) and QMS Lead Auditor, CQI & IRCA certified.
Currently, she is Managing Partner & Business Owner of BluBarco for Trading and Shipping Services Co., In addition to her ownership role, she serves as the Head of International Relations and the Director of Quality & Compliance.

Before taking up her current role,
Eng. Zainab worked as an Assistant Manager with a specialization in the medical field. Her exceptional leadership skills, attention to detail, and ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks ensured the smooth and efficient running of the business. Her excellent communication skills earned her the respect of her colleagues and clients.

Eng. Zainab holds a master’s degree in business administration (MBA)/Marketing from the German Jordanian University and a Bachelor’s degree focused on Agricultural Engineering/Faculty of Environmental Resources Management from the University of Jordan.
Her educational background, combined with her extensive experience in quality management systems, makes her a valuable asset & brings significant value to any organization.


- B.Sc. in Environmental Resource Management- Agricultural Engineering Faculty
- M.Sc. of Business administration-Marketing (MBA)
- QMS lead Auditor- CQI / IRCA Certified
- Internal QMS auditor - CQI / IRCA Certified

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